I’ve done many projects over the years, most of them can be found on Github.

Lockdown Center

Finding entertaining things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. Link
🛠 Stack: React

Lockdown center screenshot

DEV Banner Generator

Easily generate banners for your articles on Link
🛠 Stack: React

DEV Banner screenshot

Gitignore It

A CLI to generate .gitignore files. Link
🛠 Stack: Node

Gitignore It GIF

Twitter Thread Generator

Automatically divide your Twitter threads. Link
🛠 Stack: React

Twitter Thread Generator screenshot


Create & share song lists to jam to with your friends. Link
🛠 Stack: Nuxt.js, Firebase, Travis

Jammer screenshot

Food Picker

A fun way to pick what to eat with your colleagues. Link
🛠 Stack: React, Express, WebSockets

Food Picker screenshot

JOBS by Zenika

Recruitment website for Zenika.
🛠 Stack: Nuxt.js, Prismic CMS, CircleCI

JOBS by Zenika screenshot


A React component library inspired by World of Warcraft. Link
🛠 Stack: React, Storybook, Travis

ReactCraft screenshot


Create beautiful code snippets to share with your colleagues. Link
🛠 Stack: Angular

Snippet screenshot


Wait-time retrieval for Disneyland Parks around the world. Link
🛠 Stack: Angular

Parks screenshot