About me

👋 I’m Christopher Kade, a Front End developer from Paris, France. I love everything Javascript and enjoy teaching it through code, presentations and articles !

I’ve been doing web development for over 7 years and enjoy working with technologies such as React, Vue and Node. I put great emphasis on code quality, testing and performance throughout my projects.

I’ve discovered teaching through writing articles and really enjoy it, even though it’s an off and on process for me, I always come back to synthesizing something I’ve learned through a post eventually.

Other than coding I really enjoy playing video games, table-top games, traveling, cooking and playing music ! I also try to find enough time to work on side-projets each week.

Things I’ve done

My projects & open-source contributions, over on Github.
My articles, right here on my blog and sometimes on dev.to.
My presentations & talks on slides.com.

Contacting me

For any questions, invitations to speak, or requests, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter.